Nautilus 2018 Silver Medal Book Award Winner

I wrote Choice Architecture because I believe that the built environment and how we act in it affects our health and well-being. Architecture and design can encourage us to walk, experience community, imagine new ways of being, and affect countless other choices we make that shape our health and happiness.
Using the ideas of rational choice theory and behavioral economics, I explain how behavior, design, and wellness are deeply interconnected. Because as active agents, all of us choose our responses to the architectural meanings we encounter based on our perception of our individual contexts.
Choice Architecture offers a way to approach the design of spaces for human flourishing and explains in rich detail how the potential of the built environment to influence health and well-being can be realized.
At 116 pages, it’s a great short read for those who are interested in architectural theory. A great teaching tool for students, too.
About My Co-Author

This book could never have been written without the help of my husband, Prashant Parikh, a former Senior Research Scholar at the university of Pennsylvania and Stanford University. Now an independent scholar, he is a pioneer in the application of game theory to communication and meaning – and the author of three books on philosophical and linguistic semantics.

What Are the Nautilus Awards?
I couldn’t have been more pleased to win a Nautilus Award, because it represents better books for a better world. This 20-year old book awards program recognizes, promotes, and celebrates books that support conscious living and sustainability, high-level health and wellness, spiritual growth, and positive social change and social justice.

With its model of rational and behavioral choice, Choice Architecture uses design to motivate human actions more holistically to promote health and well-being.